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MRCGP AKT Mock Exam launched – 25% discount for alumni

We are pleased to announce that our complete AKT Mock Exam has been tested and is now available.  The online service has a complete AKT mock exam consisting of 200 AKT questions compiled in a realistic mock AKT exam.  Questions are laid out with a similar screen layout to the real exam, to help increase your speed in dealing with the layout in the real AKT exam.MRCGP AKT Mock Exam

The mock exam has been developed over the past few years, and is a realistic reflection of the real AKT exam – we have modified some of the questions based on feedback from doctors that have sat and passed the real exam. We have also included high yield AKT questions based on examiners’ feedback reports from recent past AKT exams.

The mock exam is timed just like the real exam – 200 AKT questions in exactly 3 hours.  The AKT questions have been written to reflect the same level of challenge as the real exam, and includes the same proportion of questions from each domain as the real exam:

80% clinical medicine – including wide coverage of the RCGP curriculum areas.

10% organisational – practice management, medicolegal issues, statutory duties of a doctor, DVLA guidelines, sickness certification etc.

10% evidence interpretation – statistics, types of study, interpreting graphs and charts.

The AKT Mock Exam usually costs £20, but we are pleased to offer Alumni a 25% discount – you can save £5 and pay just £15 by using the code aktmock in the coupon code box when registering. Get full details of the complete AKT Mock Exam and see how ready you are for the real AKT exam today!

Doctors that attend the Emedica AKT Preparation Course get free access to this mock exam after attending the course.

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