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GP ST Payscales including GP Registrar salary 2012 – 2013

These are the current payscales for GP trainees in effect from April 2012 – April 2013. The GP Registrar supplement is currently 45%.GP Registrar Pay

GP Specialty Training Payscales

You should start on the paypoint with basic pay that is closest to your current basic pay. E.g. if your current basic is £29,500, you will move onto the StR Min scale, with a basic pay of £29,705 and so on. You will move onto the next point on the scale on the anniversary of your increment date (this should be on your last payslip).

When you are on paypoint StR3 or higher (shown in yellow above), you are entitled to an extra 5 days of annual leave – so you will get 30 days instead of 25 in addition to bank holidays.

GP Registrar Salary – Net Monthly Pay

All GP rotations now mandate at least 18 months in general practice. As there are a lot of costs during the latter part of your GP training, we thought it would be helpful to look at estimated NET pay (i.e. take home pay after Tax and National insurance). This might help you plan and budget so you can meet the costs of sitting the MRCGP AKT Exam and MRCGP CSA Exam (about £2,000 together) as well as other final year costs such as CCT, indemnity etc.

GP Registrar Payscales
*These figures are estimated monthly take home pay net of income tax and national isurance. They have been rounded down to the nearest pound, and are based on a standard tax code.  As your pay may change during the tax year, the actual amount may differ.  You can get an accurate monthly calculation here (external link).  These figures do not include deductions for the NHS pension.

GP Registrar’s medical indemnity will be reimbursed less the amount they would have paid for a hospital job.

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